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On My Shelf

Our library staff share their bookshelves, explaining how and why they chose each item, what they liked, what they didn’t – and what’s up next!

All items mentioned are available in our collections; we hope this blog will be a great starting place to explore new things and discover new favourite books, authors, and more!

On My Shelf - Barbara

8 June 2020

Working in a library, we often get asked for help from customers about choosing their next read. Finding my next read is not a problem for me, as I’m a Magpie when it comes to books!

On My Shelf - Reesha

21 May 2020

I tried to be flexible with my reading, mixing physical copies with material from ePukapuka. Some days during lockdown when I felt overwhelmed, I binged a couple of Beamafilm movies...

On My Shelf - Jack

13 May 2020

Building a constructive and fulfilling lifestyle under lockdown has been a unique challenge; one that makes me grateful for the sheer variety of media we have available...

On My Shelf - Megan

5 May 2020

Picture yourself during The Depression era of America; you are sitting on your porch in the Appalachian mountains; you are waiting...

On My Shelf - Tams

1 May 2020

Going into lockdown I had ambitions, big reading ambitions, and took home a pretty solid pile of books. Turns out I was over-ambitious...

On My Shelf - Barbara

27 April 2020

If you have ever found yourself at number 120 in the reserve list for the latest Lee Child, this post is for you!

On My Shelf - Megan

23 April 2020

In the two weeks before the Level 4 lockdown, one book in particular began to stand out more and more on our shelves. Not only did it have a brilliant fluorescent yellow spine...

On My Shelf - Susanne

17 April 2020

I might have overestimated my reading prowess, but I’d like to share why I chose some of these books...

On My Shelf - Barbara

17 April 2020

I had no need to do a panic run on the library bookshelves prior to Lockdown. In fact, I thought I would finally have the chance to catch up on reading the books I had out on loan!

On My Shelf - April

17 April 2020

Nearly three weeks into lockdown I have gathered everything I grabbed from the reserves shelf and my desk on my last day in the ‘real world’, along with what I already have at home...