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Plastic Free July

Thinking about ditching single-use plastic during July? Or just curious about where the plastic in our lives ends up? Join us during July for documentary screenings, talks, and workshops!

Documentary Screening: Chasing Coral

Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers, and scientists set out on a thrilling ocena adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.

Chasing Coral is a film directed by Jeff Orlowski and produced by Larissa Rhodes, as an Exposure Labs production. It was filmed over thre years, with 500+ hours underwater, including footage from over 30 countries, and was made with the support of over 500 people around the world.

Free, no bookings required.

Petone Library Sunday 1 July, 2pm
Naenae Library Friday 13 July, 3:30pm
Taita Library Wednesday 18 July, 6pm

Documentary Screening: Closing the Loop

Going "circular" refers to the necessary change from our current take-make-waste linear economy to a borrow-use-return circular economy (sometimes referred to as the zero-waste or cradle-to-cradle economy).

Closing the Loop showcases examples from Europe, Latin America, and Africa and featuring insights from experts from the likes of the World Economic Forum and the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard.

Free, no bookings required

Taita Library Wednesday 11 July, 2pm
Petone Library Sunday 22 July, 2pm
War Memorial Library Tuesday 24 July, 6pm

Circular Economy and Recycling PET Plastics

Traditionally, plastics in NZ were part of a linear economy - take resources, make, use, and dispose of the plastic product. With New Zealand's first PET recycling plant now operating in Lower Hutt we can now participate in a circular economy where we use, reuse, and remake/recycle PET food and beverage packaging repeatedly, closing the loop for plastic PET packaging in New Zealand.

Hear Derek Lander, Director of Flight Plastics, talk about recycling PET plastics, their state of the art plant that can remanufacture NZ waste PET plastic (such as plastic water or soft drink bottles and supermarket punnets and trays) into new, food grade containers and trays which are themselves 100% recyclable, and how this keeps plastic out of the NZ waste stream.

War Memorial Library Wednesday 4 July, 6pm

Boomerang Bags Sewing Bees

Meet the Lower Hutt Boomerang Bags groups and help sew some recycled bags for the community!

War Memorial Library Friday 6 July, 10:30am-12pm
Eastbourne Library Saturday 7 July, 10am-2pm
Naenae Library Friday 20 July, 10:30am-12pm
Taita Library Saturday 28 July, 11am-2pm

Reducing Our Household Rubbish: The Zero Waste Approach

Join Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince, the No-Waste Nomads behind The Rubbish Trip, for an introduction to the practicalities and philosophy of waste reduction. Drawing on their own research and over three years of experience living zero-waste, Hannah and Liam will guide you through the whys and hows of life without a rubbish bin, including:

- What is the zero waste movement? Why is waste reduction important?

- How zero waste principles can revolutionise your perspectives on living and lifestyle, beyond your rubbish bin.

- Innovative examples of waste minimisation policy, practice, and thinking from around the globe, and how these might inform community-level waste reduction.

- Tips for how you can reduce the rubbish in your life (including fun DIY household products, cosmetics, and other life hacks).

This event is free - everyone welcome. Free zero-waste nibbles will be provided.

This talk is part of The Rubbish Trip's travelling project, taking the zero waste message around Aotearoa New Zealand. Follow them on Facebook for updates and upcoming events around the country!

War Memorial Library Tuesday 17 July, 6pm

What is the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme

There is a lot of soft plastics in New Zealand: single use supermarket bags, bread bags, frozen vegetable bags, chip packets, bulk bin bags, etc.

Kiwis use more than 1.6 billion plastic bags in their home each year and soft plastics couldn't be recycled in New Zealand until now.

Hear Carl Longstaff, from Metal Art Ltd, located in Seaview, talk about the Replas soft plastic recycling scheme. He'll cover what kinds of soft plastics can be recycled, how it's recycled, who recycles it, and what the recycled plastic can be used for.

War Memorial Library Wednesday 25 July, 6pm