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The Sources of Our Resources, a series of science seminars from GNS Science to inform, educate, and raise awareness of New Zealand's unique natural resources.

Scientists will offer insights into the latest research and the challenges and issues around their use and exploitation. Come along and ask questions to initiate an informed dialogue on where these resources are found and how they will be managed and cared for in years to come.

Dr Cécile Massot

Geothermal: a renewable resource for now and future generations with Dr Cécile Massiot

You can view the recording of this talk from Thursday 19 April on Facebook.

Last year, Geothermal energy supplied 17% of New Zealand's total electricity, a resource independent of weather conditions and with low CO2 emissions. Dr Cécile Massiot will discuss opportunities for geothermal heat and electricity generation across New Zealand, and exciting perspectives for the near future.

Fresh Water in Aotearoa with Dr Stewart Cameron

You can view the recording of this talk from Thursday 3 May on Facebook. This talk had New Zealand Sign Language interpreters from Deaf Aotearoa.

New Zealand's clean water is world famous, yet water resources are becoming scarce as changing climate, growing irrigation needs, and images of pollution from farming and urbanisation takes its toll. Dr Stewart Cameron will discuss our fresh water aquifers, how we estimate the amount of water they hold, how water is allocated, what GNS Science is doing to monitor groundwater quality, and the challenges we face in the coming years to counteract past pollution activities.

Dr Lucy Stewart

New Zealand's Extremophiles: Looking For Life In All The Wrong Places with Dr Lucy Stewart

You can view the recording of this talk from Thursday 17 May on Facebook.

Forget birds and lizards: in our hot springs, oceans, and mountains, New Zealand has extremophiles, microorganisms that grow where it's too hot, cold, salty, or acidic for most living things. Many could potentially be the source of new biotechnological discoveries. Dr Lucy Stewart is a postdoctoral researcher at GNS Science specialising in the study of deep sea extremophiles.

Dr Mark Lawrence

Petroleum Formation and Exploration with Dr Mark Lawrence

You can view the recording of this talk from Thursday 31 May on Facebook.

Petroleum exploration is not the most politically popular activity with some people these days, due to the burning of fossil fuels; a major factor in climate change and sea level rise. However, what is frequently overlooked is that while we must develop 'low carbon' economies, it cannot be done overnight. Join Dr Mark Lawrence in looking at petroleum formation and the challenges of finding and extracting oil and gas.

This talk is in collaboration with Café Scientifique.

Gas Hydrates - a "bridging fuel" on the road to cleaner energy? with Dr Stuart Henrys

Gas hydrates are a type of frozen methane that exist beneath our seafloor. As a type of fossil fuel there are broad environmental and socio-economic implications that need to be considered if they are to be extracted for energy. Dr Stuart Henrys will talk about gas hydrate research currently being carried out in New Zealand, including investigations into its energy potential, but also how gas hydrate research can help us to understand natural geo-hazards, including submarine landslides.

Minerals - Do we need them? Do we have them? with Dr Tony Christie

You can view the recording of this talk from Thursday 28 June on Facebook.

Most people are unaware of the importance of minerals in their everyday life, and that New Zealand has a significant mining industry producing minerals for local use and for export. Dr Tony Christie will describe New Zealand's mineral resources, their past and present utilisation, and their potential for future development.