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Book Club in a Bag

Bags of books on shelf

Want to start your own book club, but need books? Book Club in a Bag is our exciting collection to help book clubs get the books they're looking for!

There are over 60 titles to choose from including recent fiction, non-fiction and a few classic titles.

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Borrowing a Bag:
  • Each Book Club in a Bag includes 10 copies of a book.
  • Bags are issued for six weeks (42 days) and can be renewed if no one else is waiting.
  • The person borrowing the bag is responsible for distributing the books, then collecting and returning them to the library by the due date.
  • Charges may be incurred if the books are damaged or missing.
  • Each book is numbered, so you can keep track of who has them.
  • Please bring the bag back to the information desk at your local library with everything in it. Please don’t put it through an after-hours slot.
  • All 10 books must be in the bag when it is returned. If not, the bag will stay on your library card and you may incur overdue charges.
  • Info sheets for books are available. You can find them on the catalogue record for the Book Club in a Bag you’re borrowing. Feel free to download and email or print off. Library staff are happy to print a copy if needed.

Need help tracking who has which book in your book club? Download our tracking sheet!

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