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As part of Council’s 2020/21 ‘Getting us through’ Annual Plan, our budget for library stock replacement in the 2020/21 financial year has been reduced by 20%.

Our collection teams are trying to find ways to alleviate the impact of this reduction for our customers, but have had to make some difficult decisions about what to buy for our library collections this year.

Here are some of the impacts you may see:

  • There will be an overall reduction in the number of copies of new titles we can buy across all collections. This means you may have to wait a bit longer to borrow some of the more popular new titles as they’re released. Please remember you can also search and access the larger SMART library collections, as well as requesting an Interloan from one of our partner libraries. Please ask a member of staff if you would like help using these services.
  • We will be buying very few, if any, CDs or DVDs. Your library membership gives you access to fantastic free movie and music databases, including Beamafilm, Access Video and Alexander Street Music.
  • We may not be able to buy all suggestion to purchase requests

We appreciate your feedback; tell us what you think here, or have a chat with any of our staff.

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