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This is all your faultRating: Reviewed by: JUDITH (S), MAUNGARAKI, LOWER HUTT, 30 Apr 2021A disparate group of bookshop employees find themselves having to band together when they make an unpleasant discovery about the workplace they think of as a sanctuary. What sets this book apart is that each character has a unique skillset they keep hidden from others, but which enables them to each contribute to the triumphant conclusion. A fun read with strong female leads. 9781250242341
The rattled bonesRating: Reviewed by: JUDITH (S), MAUNGARAKI, LOWER HUTT, 30 Apr 2021A great story set in a small town on the Maine coast where 18-year old Rilla starts seeing things no-one else can see. With a little romance and a touch of the paranormal, there is also a fascinating historical sub-story that I thought merited further inverstigation. 9781481482059(OCoLC)985009651(OCoLC)960033799(OCoLC)960287614(OCoLC)973746671(OCoLC)1000385207
The death-huntersRating: Reviewed by: CAROLINE, NORMANDALE, LOWER HUTT, 16 Apr 2021This fast-paced debut novel from young local author Denika Mead had me hooked from the beginning. The story plummets the reader from little old New Zealand into in a unique new world with an air of mystery and plenty of action. The characters were believable and the story compelling. I found it hard to put down and I can't wait to read the prequel and the next book in the series. 9780473491857
My brother's name is JessicaRating: Reviewed by: BLAKE, POINT HOWARD, LOWER HUTT, 01 Apr 2021Accepting And Heartwarming And Funny And- … Just Read It Yourself ;D 9780241376171(OCoLC)1096300678
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